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Faire Child Book Report | Volume 2 | Play The Forest School Way

Posted by Beth Freeman on

Name of Book: Play The Forest School Way 

Year Published: 2016 

Author(s): Peter Houghton + Jane Worroll 

What is the main topic of the book?: The book outlines outdoor activities to try with your children, outlines what to bring with you and what your ideal location will look like. 

Strengths: The instructions for each activity are super thorough and always take into account mood and energy levels of kids.  

Weaknesses: None! We love that the book covers a wide variety of skill levels and ages - there is something for each unique child. 

Favorite Quote/Page: The 'Mud Faces' page is too fun! "There is such joy in squeezing and squelching mud through the fingers." We agree and we can't wait to try this activity with our little ones! 

Rating: 10/10! 

Buy: You can find this book here. 

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