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Faire Child Book Report | Volume # | Elmer

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Elmer the elephant was written by david mckee in 1968.

Name of Book: Elmer

Year Published: 1968

Words and Pictures by: David Mckee

What is the main topic of the book?: 

Elmer. He isn’t regular elephant colour like the other elephants. He is patchwork. That’s yellow and orange and red and pink and purple and blue and green and black and white. Elmer is different. But what happens when Elmer decides he wants to blend in?


This book is super fun to read to your little ones and encourages them to embrace themselves with all their quirks and different-ness. Once you’ve read this book there is a whole series of Elmer books for you to enjoy. This is one crazy elephant who you and your kids will quickly fall in love with.

Rating: 10/10! 

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