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Layer Up with Faire Child | Winter Edition

Posted by Alissa Kloet on

Layer Up with Faire Child | Winter Edition

You’ve been there. In desperate need of fresh air and exercise, you’ve wrestled your child into their snowsuit only to have play time stopped short by cold hands, wet socks and chattering teeth. Well, we have a hot tip for you and it’s all about the miracle of layering. Typical snow suits are not waterproof. They are like sponges, soaking up moisture and leaving the wearer feeling waterlogged. If the under layers are not up to snuff, your child will become very cold, very quickly. Faire Child outerwear is 100% waterproof and by following the simple tried and true rules of layering, your Faire Child garment extends over 4 seasons of wear for your little one. Wearing multiple layers also gives you increased flexibility as you are able to shed and add more layers as the weather or activities determine.

 Base Layers To Keep Kids Warm

Base Layer

Your base layer is the clothing which you wear closest to your skin. They are meant to keep your core nice and cozy.


Wear long underwear or tights made from merino wool that fit you snugly. Merino wool is soft, breathable and responds to your bodies temperature while wicking moisture away. A good quality synthetic polyester is also an option.


Wear cotton as your base layer. Cotton is a very porous textile which holds onto moisture. It’s perfect for a day at the beach but when it gets wet it stays wet and rapidly cools down your body temperature. We also recommend staying away from ill-fitting, bulky garments.

We Recommend: Ruskovilla, Simply Merino, Wee Woolies

Keep Kids Cozy With Insulating Layers
Insulator Layer

After you have a base layer, the next step is choosing your insulation layer. A good insulation layer traps warm air between layers, keeping you snug and comfortable.


Wear fleece, wool or down sweaters that aren’t too bulky.


Wear stiff or tight insulator layers which will restrict movement. Avoid jeans or other heavy materials that absorb moisture.

We Recommend: Waddlers, Disana

100% Waterproof Outerwear for Kids
Outer Layer

The outermost shell serves to protect you against the elements and should be waterproof and windproof while remaining breathable.


Choose a light, breathable shell and pants which are waterproof. Taped seams are a must for keeping out leaks. Faire Child is a great choice!


Choose a garment which can’t back up its ability to keep you dry.

We Recommend:  Faire Child of course! 

Faire Child Mitts and Boots
Hands, Feet, and Head, oh my!

Here’s some more tips to take care of your little one’s extremities. Once your child’s hands are cold, they become downright miserable, FAST.

  • Find mitts that stay on. You may want to try mitts that fit long down the arm and get tucked into the jacket sleeve.
  • Choose mitts over gloves. Mitts trap body heat by keeping your fingers together. Do apply layering principles to your digits.
  • For Small children – get a hat with a chin strap or buckle so it’s doesn’t fall off
  • Fleece lined wool hats with earflaps are great for warmth and comfort (no itchy ears!)
  • Wool socks are warm even when wet, unlike cotton. For additional warmth we recommend boot liners. Sheepskin liners are heaven for your toes.
  • Still cold? Consider covering up those glands! Ankles, wrists and necks lose heat quicker than the head. Thermal neck warmers and balaclavas are great!


“There’s no such thing as bad weather only inappropriate clothing” Scandinavian saying

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