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MILK Awards

Posted by Alissa Kloet on

MILK Awards

This summer we traveled to France for the Playtime Paris show. We're thrilled to say Faire Child was this year's Playtime Paris winner of Milk's Green award for our innovative eco-friendly outerwear, made from completely recycled materials! MILK Magazine had this to say about Faire Child;

“It's been several years since the project of the Canadian designer Tabitha Osler (we met her  home in Nova Scotia ) caught our eye. The idea: ultra-responsible rainwear. A rain parka? 19 plastic bottles. And that's the strong point of Faire Child, the technical innovation. With Sympatex, Tabitha imagined a 100% waterproof fabric without any chemicals or toxic substances - moreover 100% recyclable! The brand is also transparent, the clothes are adaptable to many ages (and grow with children for even more durability), and to top it off, the design is minimalist and modern. Carton (recycled) full.”

Tabitha Osler, founder of eco-friendly clothing company, Faire ChildThanks so much to MILK Magazine for the award! It’s great that our work is being recognized, We're so proud of all our Faire Child community has accomplished - to date we've diverted 60,000 water bottles from landfill! If you like, you can read our interview with playtime here



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