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Environmental Impact



Faire Child Makewear is inspired by the joy of a child engaged in the outdoors with total comfort and freedom, coupled with a transformative “Endlessly Reusable” model of environmental and social responsibility in childrens’ apparel.


Our garments invite children to immerse in their most important pursuits: making and playing in the outdoors. We support parents and educators in fostering curiosity and care for the natural world, without interruption from the weather. Faire Child pants, jackets and suits are completely waterproof, chemical free, made in Canada, 100% recycled content and recyclable.


Not to mention, they are downright good-looking.

Classic outerwear styles of the early 1900s inspired us to create timeless garments with exceptional fit for a child’s form and busy play. From a French sportsman’s jacket to a multi-pocket workman’s coverall, these vintage pieces ensured ease of movement and impeccable attention to detail. In form and function, Faire Child Makewear has embraced time-tested design, and merged it with the advantages of modern textiles and manufacturing.



All told, our accommodating garments stay comfy-cozy-dry through any outdoor escapade a child can imagine.


We believe in growing beyond an old economy based on extraction and waste, towards a regenerative economy, by advancing frameworks that value healthy ecosystems and social equity. We hold our company accountable for how our garments are made and where they end up. We do this in by using the best in eco-textiles and through our take-back program.